Sharing Jesus in MENA through the MII Follow-up Center

The Wonderfully Unexpected

Through its MENA Follow-up Center MII started communicating with S. Othman. He knew about Jesus because of an accident. He was helped by an Iraqi Priest and this incident was the reason he started reading the Bible, naturally comparing it to Islam. He gradually began to leave Islam and become more attracted to Christianity, but he was not able to find anyone to guide him on his journey. The MII team worked with him step-by-step and he prayed to receive salvation and joined an online group.


MENA's Follow-Up Center - Praises for 2019

  • 35 employees in the MII MENA office

  • Over 38,000 unbelievers exposed to biblical truth

  • Over 7,000 received a bible or christian material

  • 105 professed faith in Christ from January to Aug.

  • 89 met face-to-face with a Christian disciple

In 2019, MII's Arabic Team in MENA launched its own online evangelistic campaign. By June we were praising God for the results in only 6 months!

  • 63,350 Total Messages

  • 1,520 In-Active Follow-up

  • 7,700 Exposed to Biblical Truth

  • 30 Faith Professions